ARRA by Aradhana

The Healing Powers of Gemstones, Chakras & Freedom
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Season 1 | ep. 008

This entrepreneur helps women to feel beautiful from the inside out. Words like confident, graceful and free are favorite expressions of Aradhana, a jewelry designer from India. She has lived in Indonesia and Shanghai, where she discovered the healing power of gemstones.

If we are all the sum of our experiences and the nature that lives within our hearts, ARRA by Aradhana Designs reveals the potential that lives within us if we dare to be open to building freedom, joy and a life of passion. This is Aradhana’s story.

ARRA works out of pure love for art and design. Since 2014, ARRA has been dedicated to making beautiful, high quality jewelry for clients to enjoy.

All Hand – Made

At Arra, we put immense amounts energy and love in the making of our jewelry and we strongly believe that hand made jewelry is the most special. Beauty of handmade lies in their imperfections. Anything perfect is machine made.


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2020 FREEDOM , Volume 5.

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