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Rose McInerney

Founder & Host
Rose is a passionate storyteller, published writer, and international traveler exploring the impact of trailblazing changemakers. As the Founder and CEO of WomanScape, a communications business dedicated to the transformative power of stories shared online and in quarterly digital and print magazines, Rose has found new legs as the host Sipping on Stories (SOS).
SOS feeds her love of history, innovation, and thought leadership, while driving a deeper desire to foster human progress and greater positivity in the world. Degrees in English, Political Science, Education and Business provide foundational opportunities for building richer dialogue, collaborative community support, and a more deliciously-designed life of love and laughter.

Pilaar Pantoja

Production Manager
Pilaar holds a Degree in Communications from Loyola University Chicago, studied at the John J. Felice Rome Center, and has Project Management Certification from the Quinlan School of Business of Loyola University Chicago.
Her 20+ years of experience includes work in non-profit management and for-profit sectors; such as managing an international woman’s organization, event planning, real estate, and law. An insatiable learner with a love for people and diverse cultures and traditions, Pilaar enjoys travel, film, culinary and creative arts, and time with family and friends. Thrilled to join the Sipping on Stories team, she can’t wait to share the positive messages of guests with the world.

Marc Stauble

Media Producer
A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Marc has made the Tri-State area his home. With a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from The New School, Marc’s skills and expertise range from writing and directing, to editing and producing.  He brings talent, youth and passion to every project. He enjoys spending his free time watching films and playing soccer.

A Special Thank You!

David Kelley

Thanks to David B. Kelley (aka) dkvoices901 for his work voice-over work for our podcast!

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