Margaret Ghielmetti’s Brave(ish) & Storied Life

Season 2 | ep. 020

What does it mean to be brave and to move away from fear, doubt and an unsatisfying life? Today’s episode is all about Margaret Davis Ghielmetti, the author of Brave(ish) – a memoir about exotic globetrotting, luxury adventures and the steady realization that Ghielmetti is extremely unhappy. The symptoms – loneliness, atheism, and addiction spiral out of control until Ghielmetti faces the pending death of her mother and the truth about what it means to be at home with herself. Forgiveness and love are at the heart this story, this interview, and this writer and performance artist whose work has appeared in the Story Moth, Second City and StoryStudio. Overcoming perfectionism is everything for Ghielmetti and this, is her story.

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